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Dr. Larry Canter started in the Aerospace Industry in 1964 and was involved with the design of LSI chips for calculators, processors, the first watch calculator, and the first digital voltmeter using LSI devices. The advanced Calculator set designed by Dr. Canter may have been the precursor to the modern Single Chip processor. Twelve years later, Gilbert Hyland, who eventually was awarded the Single Chip patent, found out that Dr. Canter had built a two chip design in the 60ís , asked Larry and CSA to redesign a similar product on a single chip using 12 year old N channel technology to prove that a one chip design would have been possible in the 60ís.

When CSA started in the 1980’s it was as a consulting company for large companies and government agencies such as Beckman Instruments, Hughes Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas, Orange County, the State of Louisiana, Jet Propulsion Labs, AQMD, and many other companies. The consulting staff includes two resident CPA’s and software support personals who support other accounting products including RealWorld Accounting, SBT software, Peach Tree, QuickBooks and other off the shelf packages. By the late 80’s, CSA began developing it own programs designed for the Service Industry including primarily Pool Service and Landscape type companies. The first program grew out of a cooperative effort by a Pool Service person who wanted an easy to use, automatic statement-generating program. In 1993 CSA began working on it’s Windows Version which was entirely rewritten for Windows and which used the ideas learned from it’s earlier DOS pool and landscape programs. The Windows Version was released for Beta testing in 1994. It was formally released in 1995. The program is Win95 and Win98 compatible as well as Year 2000 compliant. It is available in a single or a multi-user version. It includes optional Accounts Payable for check writing and General Ledger Modules for producing Financial Statement.

As the demand for the CSA Software grew, more requests for turnkey systems arrived and the CSA Service Department was born. Our Staff of certified technicians is authorized to work on Packard Bell, NEC, Zenith, Okidata, Epson, and other equipment. CSA builds new computer systems, refurbishes and upgrades computers, does component level repairs, repairs laser printers, inkjets, faxes, copiers, and monitors. CSA installs networked computers and provides both Depot and On-site support. CSA is also certified for work on Intel products and is also a reseller for HP products. CSA Staff also supports Video and Security Products used by large commercial printing companies world wide. CSA also provides Web development and consulting on selection of ISP’s and communication options for installation ranging from home use to large corporation internet requirements and installations. CSA technical staff also supports Windows networking, Novell, Lantastic, and Unix based systems.