STARTUP: Insert CSASERV disk and it will self start or you can double click on My Computer, right click on the CD, click on Open, then double click on csasetup.exe.

SOFTWARE REGISTRATION: See Software Registration Instructions to enter information. After the install process, you will double click on csaserv icon to start the program. If it says there is a registration error, click on register and verify the correct information is shown. View manual p.13


*Company Name: If you are registering a demo under The Best Pool Company, you do not have to change company name.  But if you have a registration with your own company name, then go to File=>general setup=>control file

*Accounting Period: click at "Accounting Periods for the year" box to choose the correct year then click at "Current Period" box and enter the number 1-12 corresponding to the current month. View manual p.16

*Setup sales tax, vendor, personnel, service: For sales tax set up, go to File=>general set up=>sales tax. OC and LA county taxes are included. Click on Insert to enter other county sales taxes. Next enter at least one vendor by double click at "Vend" icon=>Vendor list=>Insert to enter vendor information. Then enter your personnel by double click at "Pers"  View manual p.16 icon=>personnel=>Insert. Click on "Serv" icon then Service Maintenance then go to Routes=>Insert to enter routes.

NOW YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN THE ENTRY OF CUSTOMERS. Click on Customer, then customer information. View manual p.32 At the bottom, there are 2 inserts. Click on the left to insert the customer billing address. Click on the right insert to add customer location information.View manual p.33 FOR MORE DETAIL INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE SEE "View User's Manual" ON THE CSASERV CD OR VIEW OUR CSASERV TRAINING VIDEO.